A 3 MONTH JOURNEY |STARTS 8th fo July 2020

The Seven Practices to a Stree & Anxiety-Free Profession 

Niro Dayalan's Emotional Resilience program is committed to creating professionals who are connected to their emotional Intelligence, free from anxiety and emotional trauma and identify with their direction & purpose.

It's fun to win...But not when it comes at a cost to your mental health, relationship &

team culture. 

These 7 practices can evolve you into becoming a strong leader in your profession - and also implemented throughout your life and your organisations - make Authentic Leadership a core part of your identity and your culture. 


Niro tailors each topic to make it tangible to you or your specific organisation.



Freedom From Drama

End the patterns of victim-hood, blame and rescuing by being empowered to take 100% ownership 

Set Boundaries 

Learn the art and the power of using the word NO! No creates boundaries and creates space for self-respect 

Being Smarter Through


Leaders with Emotional Intelligence have the competitive advantage; by integrating thinking, feeling and intuition. 

Give Life To Your


Create strategies to do what you value the most; your dreams, your desires, drive your heart to excitement 

Gain Clarity in your


Get clear and focused on your reason, goals and objectives 

Authentic Connection 

Choosing to grow and contribute, rather than being right and in control. 

Learn to connect form your heart.

Become A Leader 

Learn effective strategies and techniques in staying focused, driven and influencing others  

In Your Discovery Session, You will:
  • Gain Clarity in YOUR Anxiety & what to do about it                 (it may not be what you think it is)
  • Identify the damage your unconscious fears are causing you and those around you. 

  • Understand your journey and prepare for challenges you will encounter.

  • Find out if mental equilibrium matches your
    vision and beliefs


  • Discuss your unique 3-Spears methodology program individualised for you! 

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"Niro has been a guiding force in allowing me to remember that life is about passion and purpose in all that we do."

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"His wealth of corporate and private coaching experience makes him different from the rest! I have really found myself and kicked massive goals. Thank you Niro."

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"If you feel a lack of purpose, Niro is your man.  He is a true gentleman with rarely
seen integrity."

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81% improved their time management skills

60% increased their leadership effectiveness

63% experienced
 improvements in
their relationships

57% increased 
confidence and
decreased stress

70% increased their
work performance

47% improved their health with sustained results

International Coaching Federation Global Coaching Client Study
The Manchester Review (Vol. 6, No 1.201), by McGovern et al, and the International Coach Federation​