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Online Strategy Coaching

45 min, Skype/Phone

Weekly/ Fortnightly/ Monthly

Total cost: $160 per session


Average Duration: 3 months 

Strategy Coaching is about building awareness, strategies in your personal &/or professional life and removing any beliefs and behaviors that are limiting your progress; Identify your goals and create strategies in achieving them. The purpose of creating goals is not only to achieve them.


Many people achieve their goals only to find they are still feel empty inside. With Change Your Game Strategy coaching we focus on the person you become and access the place of contentment while achieving the goals. 

Improve Mental Health & Well-Being

80% of achieving any goal is the psychology, 20% is the strategy. By ‘creating space’ and reducing stress we can access more of the brains capabilities.  

A driven person does what it takes to take action towards their purpose continuously! 

Move Motivation to Hunger?

Like a flash flood, motivation can vanish as soon as it comes in. Which is why most people fail in their new year goals. Hunger on the other end has no limit. Hunger for your goals has a different energy and outcome behind it. Sometimes having a positive attitude is not enough. The right attitude with hunger will ensure we all get what we chase.


Have you ever noticed failure in the animal kingdom is not an option? Failing to fulfil your hunger is a matter of life or death. Knowing so you never stop chasing your target, you keep moving forward after each setback. 

Create Balance

Balance is something we all keep working on. Achieving your goals as the risk of your health or relationship is not achieving anything meaningful. There are four areas in each of our lives we need to keep in balance and be mindful of. These areas are your; Mission (career/business, finance, purpose), health, relationships and Fun and Play.

Improve Your Strategies


Creating a clear strategy to accomplish your goals is the key to your success. It is possible to achieve financial freedom, build a hugely successful business, find the career of their dreams and create passionate long-term relationships, by effectively creating and planning strategies to reach your dreams. 

Build your Energy 

Many people create visions and goals that they believe are too big to accomplish, or too much hard work than what they are capable of putting into practice. Others put everything into their mission and get burnt out, either before achieving them or after. Achieving your desires with no energy left in the tank to enjoy it is not true success. Your Energy must match your goals. 

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