Our WHY: 

To initiate & liberate an entire generation of MEN into a life of PASSION, POWER & PURPOSE.

By creating a container where men are prepared to lead with integrity & resilience. 

So that our brothers, become a vital force of service as FATHERS, LOVERS & LEADERS!   

Today, most men don't feel understood, most men feel imprisoned by their responsibilities & have failed to create a life! 

Our UnKonventional Brotherhood is here to create a world in which men can lead, heal & grow mentally & physically fit together! 

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When:  Every Sunday, 10.30am-12.30pm

Location: Team Perosh Mix Martial Arts
                   97 Queens Road, Five Dock



Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior

The Truth is, Most MEN Don't Have A Life.... 

Most men don't have a life. They live a lie that they call life.


This lie is the mask they wear! 

The nice guy mask, The hard worker mask, The tough guy mask, The cool/fun/funny guy mask & The always busy/ no time mask. 

This mask we put on every morning and only take them off before bed.


We wear this mask to show the world 'this is who I am', But the mask is not who we are, we are far greater than the mask allows us to be!  

Most men never figure out who they are! So they need their mask for protection, for validation, for a false sense of purpose. 

Most men exist through life, on repeat, thinking - is this all there is? 

These masks, keep up playing small & it's exhausting to keep pretending, until that one day when we snap or break. 

Most men don't know that the only person that this mask is fooling is themselves. 


The ones that love us men are often the ones that are most impacted by these masks.


They never get to know who we really are, they never get to see our greatness. 

Because of this, Most men fight an internal battle that nobody ever knows about.


We CAN'T speak about it because we don't know how to & we know we will be judged if we do.

Most men are the pillars for so many people, but they feel no one that is a pillar for them. 

Most men think they can do it on their own but feel lonely, misunderstood & unheard on a regular basis.


This Mask was taught to us by our fathers & other older men before us. 

Most men have emotionally unavailable fathers, absent fathers or emotionally awkward fathers. 

Most men don't have a life, they have a mask. 

This mask will one day destroy us & those around us.

This is the condition of today's man!

We Need A Brotherhood... We Need A Liberation for MEN!

1 in 8 men 
suffer from Depression


1 in 5 men 
suffer from Anxiety 


7 Men die from suicide per day


88 men attempt suicide every day

80% of the homeless is MEN


90% of Violence are caused by MEN

"Niro Dayalan specialises in developing emotional resilience & spiritual intelligence in leaders, whilst having FUN!"

~Kerwin Rae  
Australia’s Leading Business Strategist and High Performance Specialist

If I hadn't met Niro and learnt what I have learnt from him. I can say , without a shred of doubt - that I wouldn't be here today


Before meeting Niro, I medicated heavily and in a very dark place. I was suicidal to the point of planning how I was going to do it!


I've been to 2 different psychologists, 20+ sessions - I was sick of talking about it! I was just hungry for the tools to deal with it.

Niro gave me the tools to process & release my trauma & I got off the medication. I am now in a relationship that serves me & Im working my dream job as an actor & model! I no longer need a 9-5 job anymore! 

I have newfound gratitude for life &  see life as an optimist!


I would recommend EVERYONE to do this program!

Jack Newell - Actor & Model