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Tribe: Create a new Destiny

6 Group Sessions (2-4 people)
90 min, Face to Face, Weekly

Total cost $500

We are all here for a reason that is bigger than life itself! When we are not playing our life to the fullest - we develop pain in our life. Emotions such as Fear, sadness, anger, guilt and grief are tools that help us to evolve and grow. But if we live in it for too long it turns to stress, worry, anxiety, depression and loneliness.


This program is designed for individuals that are not getting the results in life they wanted! Some may be experiencing stress, anxiety, depression or loneliness. This package is designed to take people from a place of uncertainty to a life of purpose and massive action!

Find and/or express your Life Purpose

I strongly believe we were all born for something greater than living to work a 9-5, have 2.5 kids, a mortgage we spend a life time paying off and retire without living.


WE are all here for a purpose that is greater than life and that life purpose is Freedom. We are all here to express freedom in one form or another. So how do you express freedom in this life? What is freedom for you? And how does your expression of Freedom impact the world? 


Develop Self-love, Self-worth and Self-respect 


We often search for validation from external objects and approvals from external people. When we finally get the objects and/or approvals we eventually go back to the dysfunctional state we were in before.


We often search externally for something that is missing internally and hope to find it. This coaching program is about going on a journey within and connect with your true self.  Know who you are – without all the crap around you.

Learn how to process Emotions 


Emotions are in important for growth and development. Tools such as Anger, fear, sadness, guilt and grief are all telling us something. Warning us of greater issues at hand. Very rarely are these tools warning us of external dangers. Once you learn how to process your emotion, you no longer have to learn the same lesson(s) again and again.. 

Create boundaries

We often take on behaviours, beliefs and emotions that are not ours. Have you ever spent time with a ‘negative person’ and left the conversation feeling and thinking quite negative? Our boundaries are what prevents that from happening.


Creating boundaries not only to keep negativity out, but it also allows us to create space for our own self-beliefs, behaviours and actions.

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