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Manifesting Miracles: 2 Events

  • Manifesting Miracles: Master Your Mind, Master Your life
    Manifesting Miracles: Master Your Mind, Master Your life
    Wed, 16 Feb
    Zoom Workshop
    16 Feb 2022, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm AEDT
    Zoom Workshop
    For the Inner Warriors Seeking the UNWAVERING FOCUS! Those that are seeking their dreams but find themselves STUCK in the noise of distractions!
  • Manifesting Miracles: Energy Vibration & Frequency!
    Manifesting Miracles: Energy Vibration & Frequency!
    Wed, 09 Feb
    Zoom Workshop
    09 Feb 2022, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm AEDT
    Zoom Workshop
    For the achievers, who have done all the 'right' things in life but still feel lost & empty inside... For those that feel their losing control & the people around them don't quite understand them!  For those that are sick of the fluffy manifesting content out there & are ready for the structure

About Niro Dayalan

Niro’s life has been far from conventional. His first memory was that of genocide: hiding in his neighbour’s basement and crying in his grandmother’s lap before passing out as a handkerchief was placed over his mouth, for fear of being heard.


This led to years of silence, which was finally broken at the tender age of 4.


Understanding Dharma (one's purpose & identity) was the path on which Niro found healing, peace and alignment, using his voice to inspire and ignite the life-force in others.


This led to him spending the best part of a decade studying and practising numerous coaching methodologies and fine-tuning his ability to help people (re)align their belief structures with their ultimate desires. 


Niro’s unique strength lies in his ability to bridge the spiritual with the strategic (bringing order to chaos).


Through his own lived experience and the lifelong search for knowledge and truth, he helps people make space between emotional reactivity and committed actions.


Complemented by his deep commitment to spiritual practice and teachings, Niro has become a master of personal growth strategies, supporting those who are ready to break through limitations and do what it takes to heal, thrive and prosper.


Niro founded UnKonventional: Spiritual and strategic guidance for those on the path to freedom.


"Niro Dayalan specialises in developing emotional resilience & spiritual intelligence in leaders, whilst having FUN!"

~Kerwin Rae  
Australia’s Leading Business Strategist and High Performance Specialist

" If I hadent met Niro and learnt what I have learnt from him. I can say , without a shred of doubt - that I wouldn't be here today


Before meting Niro, I medicated heavly and in a very dark place. I was suicdal to the point of planing how I was going to do it!


I've been to 2 different psychologist, 20+ session - I was sick of talking about it! I was just hungry for the tools to deal with it.

Niro gave me the tools to process & release my trauma & I got off the medication. I am Now in a relationship that serves me & Im working my dream job as an actor & model! I no longer need a 9-5 job anymore! 

I have a new found gratitude for life &  see life as an optimist!


I would recommend EVERYONE to do this program!

Jack Newell - Actor & Model 

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