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Tribe: Finding the ONE

6 Group Sessions (2-4 people)
90 min, Face to Face, Weekly

Total cost $500

Many of us spend so much time, effort and money trying to the find the perfect ‘one’. In the process of finding the one, we forget about being the perfect one. By forgetting the ‘one’, we seem to attract people that do not serve our needs.

What’s worse we attract people that abuse us and manipulate us. Why do we do that? Our outer world reflects our inner world. If you are being ‘used and abused’, it is because that is what is happening internally. How you see and treat yourself, and the world is how other see and treat you.

All the answers you seek, and will ever seek, exist inside of you. It is not about creating yourself, and it’s about remembering the eternal truth.

This process is designed to give you the tool to go within and to remember who is the real you! 

Develop Self-love, Self-worth and Self-respect


We often search for validation from external objects and approvals from external people. When we finally get the objects and/or approvals we eventually go back to the dysfunctional state we were in before.  

We often search externally for something that is missing internally and hope to find it. This coaching program is about going on a journey within and connect with your true self.  Know who you are – without all the crap around you.

Who are you attracting? Where are they?

Most of us call for someone to complete us. Unfortunately, this is never possible. We only attract who we are, so if we are incomplete – we attract people that are also incomplete. So two people come together to have an incomplete relationship. Know how you would appear once you are complete and take the actions to complete yourself.

Learn how to process Emotions

Emotions are in important for growth and development. Tools such as Anger, fear, sadness, guilt and grief are all telling us something. Warning us of greater issues at hand. Very rarely are these tools warning us of external dangers. Once you learn how to process your emotion, you no longer have to learn the same lesson(s) again and again.


Create boundaries

We often take on behaviours, beliefs and emotions that are not ours. Have you ever spent time with a ‘negative person’ and left the conversation feeling and thinking quite negative? Our boundaries are what prevents that from happening. Creating boundaries not only to keep negativity out, but it also allows us to create space for our own self-beliefs, behaviours and actions.

Forgiveness Therapy

To attract someone new, you have to create space. We don't forgive for others; we forgive for ourselves. When we don’t forgive then we give permission to others to own us. They own our thoughts, emotions and actions. By forgiving we create emotional space for that ‘someone new’.

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