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Create the life you LOVE waking up


Get Clarity on what you want in all 16 chapters of your life and

Learn how to get it!

This ONLINE 8 weeks LIVE program starts 27th of October,

 6.30pm (AEDT)

Your Life. Your Masterpiece.

Imagine you had a life manual, a step by step instructions that helped you get unstuck, helped you move past procrastination and removed the stress and anxiety of making life decisions!


Can you imagine having a life guide to keep you on track, that helps you become focused in life, with purpose and meaning.

Now imagine this manual was written by YOU!

Life MASTERY is this guide that is written by YOU for YOU! No ‘big brother’ telling you how to live life!

No more sacrificing

No more settling

No more getting stuck

No more letting other dictating your life path!


You become the author of the most important story to be told…..the Masterpiece of your LIFE!

Life Mastery is a step by step manual on how to shape and create your life that you LOVE waking up to! With more passion, purpose & impact!

What you will get


Create crystal-clear clarity in what you want in your life!


Discover the areas in your life that will shape your overall success and happiness


Take the time to explore all 16 dimensions of your life!


Discover your life purpose – create you purpose statement that will drive you through all 16 dimension


Break through limiting beliefs & create empowering beliefs around money, fun, romance, health & all areas that are holding you back


Take the time to explore all 16 dimensions of your life!


What is Life Mastery program about?

Life Mastery breaks through the 4 core areas of life;

  • Leadership (your mission)

  • Health (your energy)

  •  Relationship (happiness)

  • & the Quality of LIFE (Fun & Play)

These 4 core areas are broken down into 16 chapters: 

  • life purpose,

  • finances,

  • romantic love,

  • spirituality,

  • and creativity to list a few.

In this program, we take a deep dive in all 16 chapters to understand & built crystal clear clarity on what we want, why do we want it and how to get it!


Understanding and mastering these 16 dimensions can be confusing when we try and do it on your own. But it does not have to be so difficult.


In this program, you do redesign your life in alignment with your higher intelligence.


As you progress through the program you will be provided with stories, reflective questions and a format that help you connect deeper and understand your higher levels of your intelligence, to create a life of mastery. 


Your personal Life Mastery guide becomes your master game plan for how you want your life to work.

What are the 16 chapters of Life Mastery?

All 16 chapters are summed up into 4 core areas. In the program we will spend 2 weeks on each core areas, giving you the time and space to reflect and connect deeply to discover what is it you really want!


Leadership – your life mission

  • Life Vision – this goes beyond what you want own. But also covers WHO you want to BE!

  • Finances – In this chapter we explore how you would like to attract your income, invest & spend.

  • Career/business – what is the service you want to provide will give you meaning & purpose?

  • Purpose – what is the great WHY of your life


Health – Energy, vibration & frequency

  • Body – nutrition & fitness

  • Emotional – how you feel and how to build resilience

  • Intelligence – how we think and grow

  • Spiritual – you are not a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean!


Relationship – Quantity of Happiness

  • Character – self love

  • Family – parenting & connection to your support network

  • Romantic love – chemistry & partnership

  • Friendship – social connections


Fun & Play – Quality of life

  • Creativity – becoming the creator

  • Adventure – new experiences

  • Growth – follow your curiosity & discover your passions

  • Contribution – act that creates an impact

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