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Heal, Grow, Laugh & love again

in Relationship 101

$97 The Secret In Making ANY Relationships FLOURISH!

  The Training to Build Your RESILIENCE in Relationships  & Create An Unstoppable Mindset 

2 hours of LIVE ONLINE TRAINING per week, for 4 weeks


Starts Thursday 22nd of April at 7 pm (AEST)

(recordings available if you can't make the live calls)

This program is for you if:

You're feeling anxious about your life & Relationship Status. 

​You're going through a breakup or breakdown​.

​You overthink, over-analyze, and/or procrastinate waiting for the “right” time to take action. 

​​You feel stuck, lost or confused about your love life. 

​You feel 'unworthy' after your past relationships

​You often think 'is this all that life has to offer?'

You are READY to take action to CHANGE & attract better experiences


Coaching packages normally start at $10k to work with NIRO.

But in the recovery of this Pandemic, your investment is only $97 for the 4 weeks and still receive coaching and be in a group space.

 attract Aligned relationships


Create a Life You LOVE Waking Up To

End the fear-based, scarcity mindset & become RESILIENT in all forms of relationships

Uncertainty, Stress, anxiety and loneliness are at an all-time after a broken heart. 

These emotions will then evolve into 'not-good-enough' & 'not- worthy' thoughts & feelings.

Most of us are taught to live a 'conventional' life - get the job, get the partner, get the house, have children, get a better job, get a bigger house.... and only then will you find 'happiness'!

Only then will you feel SAFE!

Many are starting to realise that this conventional way of life is FAILING & not the path of happiness, but its definitely the path to exhaustion & burnout! 

Most of us measure our worth based on our financial situation, status, parenting abilities, or relationship status or quality.

However, these things are NOT the cause of our low self-worth.

Our low self-worth is what impacts all areas of our life - Money, love, career, parenting ... and the list goes on.


Why is it some people have all the fun, happiness and love in their lives & you find suffering alone no matter what you do!  

In this workshop, you will discover the core beliefs that make it all possible for you!

You will learn how to evolve from the past so that you can:

- Attract a partner that understands you

- Feel 'worthy' & ready to say YES to love once again  

- Develop communication skills of a power couple

- Heal your past relationship sufferings

- Learn how to make your relationships FLOURISH!


STOP running away from healing your limitations and self-worth

in your relationships,  your money, your career, your family, your health or general mental health. Make 2021 the year you combat it all.

Relationship 101 is a 4-week live online group coaching program. Designed to help individuals evolve through creating a RESILIENT RELATIONSHIP MINDSET!

If you are ready to heal, grow, laugh and love deeper once again – click on the link and register before this INTIMATE group is full

Covid 19


Was a great support in this big transition in my life (moving countries). My written goals are the most defined, refined and articulated they have ever been in my life, and are already starting to manifest.Clarity and a strong morning ritual continue,Strongly recommend

About Niro 

Niro Dayalan is a Passion, Purpose and Impact Coach/Speaker. He has spoken on stage with Kerwin Rae, culture coach for Bank of America, coached high profile executives/entrepreneurs across diverse business sectors, and is continuously training & developing coaches on their personal & leadership coaching skills.    

Niro has dedicated his life to learning as much as possible about Leadership, Human Behavior, Relationships, Positive Psychology, NLP, Breathwork, Hypnosis, Transpersonal Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Ancient Wisdom, Gestalt Therapy, & so much more.


Niro is now using his skill set to help people in this global awakening that we are all in. This is a time where many will REACT and fall deeper into their existing darkness. Whereas others will RESPOND and rise to the awakening of their own GREATNESS.


Work with Niro on your mission to your own spiritual & emotional awakening 

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