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A Man’s Conversation with God– Loneliness

A man was in the depths of his loneliness. He fell to his knees and shouted to God “I feel so lonely and scared! Why do I feel this loneliness? What lesson am I not learning that I must? Who am I not being? I am a good man my Lord, I do my best every day, why have you abandoned me?”

God answered, “My Child, being alone is not a sin or a curse. It’s the stage for discovering who you really are; your passion, your purpose, your connection to self, and your legacy. It is through self discovery can you CREATE! I have spent many lifetimes creating you - Just you! Imagine the love, the growth, the intention, the power and focus that went into creating you! During this time I was alone but never felt loneliness, my whole love was on you – My creation!”

“Being alone is my gift to you to find yourself. Loneliness is when you choose to refuse my gift. It is not I that has forsaken you. It is you that has forsaken me. You have abandoned yourself! You are playing small just to fit in! You are not born to be normal, to fit in! I made you to be unique, to stand out to shine bright! But you want to blend in and be invisible?”

The man countered “But, Lord, I want a family, a wife, kids, a soul mate!” God said, “Yes, my child, you will have these, but not to fill your loneliness. I created relationships to enhance the experience of life – if you feel loneliness in life, a relationship will only boost loneliness in the relationship.” The man slapped his forehead, and cried out in realisation “So that is why I’ve been attracting painful relationships? So what must I do to overcome loneliness?”

God responded, “Forgive those that have hurt you and learn to love them. You don’t need people to like you, but you must find a way to love them regardless. I know that you've been hurt so many times before, but you're still here! So love, and, love some more! You're stronger than you think. Create a life filled with passion and find your purpose. When you master being alone – People, money and opportunities will find you.”

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