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End Suffering

This is a touchy topic, but someone needs to talk about it! Suffering - ITS TIME TO END IT! I really wasn't going to release this video, I had a feeling that I may get some resistance and negative feedback from some people. But my 'first voice' begged me to focus on the many that this video will serve! Which is why I went against my own fears and recorded this video for you, the ones that want to end suffering and waken to our spiritual calling. What is the 'first voice'? it is our spiritual intelligence - it's always speaking to us, guiding us, loving us. But we have been programmed to ignore it. I'll explain more about it in this video. The truth is we do not need to suffer anymore, the process to end our suffering does not take days, months or years. It's in a moment. In this video, I will explain the step by step process to do it.

This CANNOT be missed! This is a BIG topic and there is a lot covered, so make your self a cuppa, sit back and end suffering today.

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