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Kresant Mahilall


Peak Performance Partners

I’ve known Niro for over 15 years and I have most recently have worked with him in a coaching capacity. I have the utmost respect for this man who is constantly striving to take his game to the next level, and in doing so is transforming the lives of his clients.


Niro has been a guiding force in allowing me to remember that life is about passion and purpose in all that we do. When I was overwhelmed with a stressful job, a relationship breakdown, and a desire to become a trainer and coach. Niro opened the door for me to access the inner resources that I already possessed to get me through these situations.


Niro led me back to my inner knowing that life is about fun, play, and a childlike curiosity. I’d recommend Niro to anybody who is looking to transform for the better and do the work necessary to take their life to the next level. You deserve it!

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Dillon Brittain

Fitness Coach and Competitor

Fitness First

Niro is an unbelievable Performace Coach. I have been seeing him for the past few months to help me get my life together. Since then my personal training business has blossomed.


He also pushed me to get on the bodybuilding stage, in which I placed fourth in the Australian Nationals. Niro has also helped me overcome my personal demons and fears, making me a happier and more successful person.

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I can’t thank Niro enough for the “gifts” his coaching sessions have bought me. When you get to work with him, you recognise that coaching and helping others is his “calling”. His sixth sense of what would benefit is uncanny.
I would totally recommend him to anyone who feel things are just not “right”, or are stuck in any way. If you feel a lack of purpose, Niro is your man.  He is a true gentleman with rarely seen integrity.

Karen Blaik

Small Business Owner


2 years ago I was a broken person. I was in my 6th year of chronic depression and a severe generalised anxiety disorder due to a life altering experience as a teenager. My life had been reduced to a daily state of dread and doom. Moments of peace found only through reckless abuse of drugs and alcohol. Recovery seemed unachievable, i was becoming hopeless as various attempts had failed.  


Then ago I met Niro. Since that day my life began to improve. Through what seemed like simple tasks i began to see what was missing from my life.  The fundamentals of my being that i was not aligning with. This gave me a path and i continue to walk on it to this very day with an ever increasing smile and appreciation of life.


I will definitely recommend Niro to anyone that is suffering from Depression or Anxiety, or even if you just feel lost in this world.

Recovering Alcoholic


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