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About The Game Changer


Niro Dayalan

Emotional Resilience Coach / Teacher & Writer 


I came from humble beginnings, we never had enough money and domestic violence is how my parents did their relationship.

My parents had a lot to deal with, coming from a war-torn country, dad was an angry, abusive man and mum was doing her best to keep us alive. 

Because of this, I felt unsafe and suffered from loneliness for most of my life, I felt no one understood me or loved me. So I stopped myself from wanting anything and dreaming of a better life.

In my 20s this loneliness, unsafe feeling, unhappiness and unworthiness manifested into mental illness and various forms of addictions.


Like most people, I thought a partner will fulfil my loneliness. Then finally I’ll be happy!

This totally backfired. Lonely single people experience an even deeper sense of loneliness in a romantic relationship.


I attracted emotionally unavailable partners who would abuse me & make me feel unworthy of their love.

So I invested all my energy into my career and my career grew, I got wealthier but even unhappier. I was continuously stressed and anxious, thinking one day people will find out that I don’t deserve this success.


This soon led to depression and I wasn’t able to get out of bed...

All I ever wanted was to be happy, I wanted to love and be loved, I wanted to matter and I wanted a relationship to last! 

I struggled with the idea of changing. Could I be helped? Can I change it?  Or even worst, what if I gave my money away to a ‘Charlatan’. I would have lost the little safety I created through money and go deeper into my suffering.

But it was then I realised that it wasn’t losing money I was afraid of, it was saying YES to trusting in my own judgement, trusting in the opportunity that the universe gave to me.

I made it my purpose to study happiness, love & relationships. But most importantly I need help to let go of what happened to me in my past. I needed help to forgive myself and move on from those that hurt me.

On this journey of self-exploration, I started to become alive, even before I understood what happiness was, I started feeling lighter and more passionate in what I was learning and growing.

My search to live an intimate, fulfilling & happy life took me down the path of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Positive psychology, hypnosis & transpersonal coaching. I am now an NLP Master Practitioner & trainer and Co-founded Neuro-linguistic Coaching (NLC)

I now have the privilege to work with people across the globe. Walking with them on their journey to create a life with deep intimate connections,  love and JOY with the life they created from choice! 

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