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Our Mission

Our Purpose 

Our mission is to connect individuals and business to thier purpose. We assist in creating infinite possiablities, by truely expressing yourself freely. As a result, reap the rewards due to living and working passionately in all aspects of life. 


I personallybeleive the reason our collective existance is to experience freedom, this is true for both indivuduals and businesses. This purpose of freedom is owned by everyone, its has been the driving force of humanlity since the break of time.  From the power in creation and pain in distruction, all have been the actions of finding freedom. 


How we express this freedom is different to all. This is what we call self expression - the ablity to express ourself freely.


I also beleive we all do this at all times, however some of us express ourself with the anger, sadness, guilt or fear from past experiences. Therefore the end result is not freedom, but further imprissonment - the illusion of freedom

Our Approach

Change your Game specailies in self expression, we do this by understanding the laws of cause and effect; 


We first work by removing limiting belives to create infinate possiablies.


Self worth - what is our beleifs about ourselves. You may be amazed to know what are your sub consious beleifs about yourself. 


Creating possiablities in forms of goals. 


Understanding your above the line and below the line values, ensuring both are aligned to your goals and  not against them. 


Exploring your passions we discover and 


Leave a lagacy  - contribute your purpose to the world, leave something behind. 

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