Pay What You Can

Pay What You Can

Re-defining MANHOOD

The suggested amount is $35 per session or $110 for a month


Thank you for being a part of the brotherhood

"Niro Dayalan specialises in developing emotional resilience & spiritual intelligence in leaders, whilst having FUN!"

~Kerwin Rae  
Australia’s Leading Business Strategist and High Performance Specialist

If I hadn't met Niro and learnt what I have learnt from him. I can say , without a shred of doubt - that I wouldn't be here today


Before meeting Niro, I medicated heavly and in a very dark place. I was suicidal to the point of planing how I was going to do it!


I've been to 2 different psychologist, 20+ session - I was sick of talking about it! I was just hungry for the tools to deal with it.

Niro gave me the tools to process & release my trauma & I got off the medication. I am Now in a relationship that serves me & Im working my dream job as an actor & model! I no longer need a 9-5 job anymore! 

I have a new found gratitude for life &  see life as an optimist!


I would recommend EVERYONE to do this program!

Jack Newell - Actor & Model