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Are you ready to be held to the LIGHT of your greatness & expand beyond what you think is possible

The UnKonventional Resileince Training 

A 14-Weeks Personal Resilience Journey to Reclaim Your POWER, Create a Bullet-proof-Mindset & have the CONFIDENCE to express your FREEDOM!

Starts 13th of September, 2023

Why Awaken The Warrior In You? 

Because most people die with their medicine still in their hearts... This medicine could have been used to heal their own suffering and the suffering of others...but didn't!  

Because most people feel nobody really understands them, even if they check things off their list and achieving their goals... but it still feels empty!

The majority of us feel trapped in the 'conventional' monotony of our everyday lives & go through the motions of what they think success is, only to find themselves exhausted, misunderstood & empty by living a passionless life on SOMEONE ELSE'S terms! 

Lets be honest; Most of us get our personal development and self-help from the internet... for FREE! But with all that information, we still cant create FREEDOM in our lives! 

Year after year, we fade into the emptiness in quiet desperation - same old results, same old relationship, same old rat race. Day after day, yet something inside you YEARNS for something MORE! 

Unkonventional Warrior Training, Niro Dayalan

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you felt like you were DOING all the right things, getting some level of results.... But still, felt MISUNDERSTOOD & EMPTY inside? 

There must be more to life.. right? 



You're a people pleaser & resent yourself for it.

It's difficult to uphold your boundaries & feel guilty when you do. So you seek validation by putting others needs before your own.


You self medicate or distract yourself with food, shopping, meaningless relationship, social media, porn, alcohol or drugs.


You're sick of letting your fear of failure or fear of being alone SABOTAGE your life! 


You're sick of listening to the voice in your head swaying your not enough, that you don't have enough money or time, your not smart or attractive enough! 


You feel stuck, lost or confused having reached a plateau in your personal & profession life,  don't know what? or how? But you know there is something more....


You find your self attracting the same toxic relationship with all people - only their names are differnt. unable to release your old patterns, or unhealthy attachment patterns


You overthink, overanalyse & procrastinate unable to find the 'right' time to take action...often its too late. 


You believe ingerity is important to you, but your are inconsistent in your personal commitments & often give reasons as to why.... which you know is a lie! 


You ask your self  "is this really all life has to offer?" & believe the answer just might be YES...this is also a lie! 


You're wondering if you are foolish for dreaming too big... for thinking you have what it takes... and now you resent the thought of settling to an incomplete life! 

Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior

UnKonventional Warrior Training: The 3+Month Walkabout to Activate Your Resilience to Achieve GREATEST Potential

Whether if you are CEO, a single parent, an entrepreneur or someone that wants to get ahead in your career - A RESILIENT MINDSET is absolutely for any form of success in your life! Sadly many have not been taught how to get the most out of life...That why I'm here!  

The UnKonventional Warrior - Is one that challenges the fears of their dreams. They challenge the lies, false beliefs, and judgments in their minds and hearts that create suffering and unhappiness in his or her life.

The UnKonventional Warrior - is one that can retrain their brain & cells to live in alignment, attract LOVE & ABUNDANCE & live in a continuous state of AUTHENTIC joy! 

Just Imagine...

Being able to choose your thoughts, beliefs & emotions. So that you can intentionally create success, joy & fulfilment.

Waking up with excitement & having meaning in your life! 

Having structure in your life that gets you closer to your vision every day & in every way!  

Having Power in your voice! To speak your truth, set boundaries & make manifest your intentions

Experience freedom and flow on a daily basis, knowing that life can be EASY & fun every day, when you know how to choose it!

The UnKonventional Warrior Training empowers you to KNOW that you can live a life of your CHOOSING & your terms, while giving you the exact tools & strategies to start NOW! 

"Niro Dayalan specialises in developing emotional resilience & spiritual intelligence in leaders, whilst having FUN!"

~Kerwin Rae  
Australia’s Leading Business Strategist and High Performance Specialist

Your Own Personalised Cirriculum 

We Pride our self in having the ability to not have a "one size fits all" approach when it comes to taking people through deep, transformational work. Most programs out there find this to difficult to cater for everones need - this is what makes us UNKONVENTIONAL! 

Each Warrior program is different, which why we have people re-taking this program even after graduation - to keep expanding & to be held in a container that is SAFE to do so! 

We achieve this first by hand picking the right people for the right group (which is why we need to talk first before enrollment). We also keep each training group small & intimate, so you have Niro's attention on you! 

On Top of our deeply powerful (and confronting) curriculum, you will be given your personal curriculum of unique "expansion" tailored JUST FOR YOU! That means no hiding here... Get ready to release and let go on what you may be avoiding.... and step into the GREATNESS that awaits inside you

The Benefits of UnKonventional Warrior Training 

After Embarking on this LIFE Changing Journey, You Will:

Wedding Kiss


Know What You WANT! 

Clarity is POWER!

So many people feel lost, stuck & confused when trying to figure out "What YOU WANT!" Not knowing what they want in their career, their relationships or even knowing how to make decisions.

Continously jumping from one failed relationship to another. Jumping careers before making an impact. Over-anylasing & overthinking to a state being crippled with indecisiveness! 

Because of this we are in a consistent state of uncertainty, stress and anxiety. We fall victim to the trap of  'busy-ness' but unable to make progression. 

To know what you want requires your mental, emotional & spiritual intelligence to align. In this program - this is where we start! 

Clarity! Clarity is POWER! 



Overcome Your Deepest Fear! 

Playing Small Is Not Serving You! 

There is a FEAR deep inside you that keeps you playing small - The Fear of poverty, the fear of dying alone, the fear of NOT GOOD ENOUGH or the fear of being a failure! 

Its consistent pressure weighing us down. But a small number of people have realised that this pressure, this fear, is not designed to keep us small. ITs here to for us to break through it, so that we can become the grandest expression of who you ARE!

Sadly many meet their grave unable to answer their calling! Having never experienced thier call to FREEDOM! 

Let this not be you! Discover your music, discover your FREEDOM!


River Valley


Reprogram the Mind that limits you!

You might be someone that has 'tried' allot of stuff to FIX yourself. Read books, podcast, unproductive therapy, seminars, positive affirmations. The problem with these bandiad solutions is that these things give you knowledge, not widsom.


Wisdom = Knowlege + Change

Wisdom comes from the belief that your NOT F*ING BROKEN! 

You are learning & you'l keep learning until you change.


And we are here to help transform all the programings that is restricting the change... and update the knowledge!



Release People Pleasing &
Set Healthy 

Step Into Your Self-RESPECT!

Most people are great at setting boundaries with others, but fail miserably when setting boundaries with themselves! 

Whereas others, feel emotions of guilt and shame when saying NO! 

In this program, you will develop the resilience & bravery to be transparent to live life in your own Terms! 

You will be given the tools to end people pleasing, set healthy boundaries & commit to serving yourself first, so that you can give the best of you for those that respect you! 



Regulate Trapped Emotions & Past Traumas

The Body Remembers What The Mind Forgets

This is why we cant really experience Joy & freedom even when things are going well.


When we have not released & regulated the past we can still create a new future, but often end up sabotaging it! 

This past trapped emotions and unregulated traumas limits and destroys the areas that are most important to us. 

Success will be unattainable or unfulfilling until we are able to regulate & release the past! 

This is the deep work you have been waiting for! 

River Valley


Experience Excitement, Joy & Freedom Everyday! 

Success is when you can wake up Excited, experience Love & Joy in your day & got to be fulfilled with you accomplishments!

Most people are resentful of the process that it takes to get them result they want. 

Because of this they stuck in the victim mindset blaming Time, Money or Energy is why they cant have what they want!


In this program you will learn how you evolve past the Time, Money, Energy victim mindset.


So that you can fall in love with the process & your journey in creating a life you LOVE waking up to!   

What's Involved

In Your Warrior Training, You Will UNLOCK Your Passion-Filled Life by Exploring these 9 Areas of life

Clarity & Meaning

Clarity & Meaning

Clarity is POWER

Unconscious Beliefs

Unconscious Beliefs

What you don't know is holding you back!

Set Healthy Boundaries

Set Healthy Boundaries

The power of NO!

Emotional Body

Emotional Body

Lean to regulate emotions



Attract - Grow - Spend



Do what you LOVE & prosper



Attract &/or grow your JOY!



Attract or GROW your LOVE!

Physical Body

Physical Body

Love your Home!

Think You've Studied These Topics Before?

You might be thinking you've explored these topics before at length before & have decent understanding already! BUT knowledge is NOT Wisdom!


Knowledge is only information - Wisdom is embodied change!  

What makes the UnKonventional Warrior training so different is its designed for embodied WISDOM & the REAL LIFE application! 

We get you to CHANGE YOUR GAME!

We get you to CREATE Lasting CHANGE!

Come with an open mind, open heart & be ready to play FULL out! 

This is NOT a first come first serve, there is allot of work that is involved by me to select each candidate and align them with the right group. So please fill out the questionnaire with that in mind!

Im going to pour EVERYTHING I have into you & need to know you're READY & WILLING to meet me in the middle

4 Months of Warrior Training Will Include:


3 x 2hr live zoom session per month with intimate group


1 Sunday per month (5 hrs approx) Live Zoom Call with intimate group


Daily Checkin with small group (Men & Women are separated in smaller groups)


Direct Access to Master Coach - Niro Dayalan 


Warrior Only Social Events (Covid19 permitting) - including graduated warriors


1 X 2hr per month Awaken Mens group (Free service for Men only)


Access to Marco polo App for daily communications & Missions for group & individuals.


Private Facebook group for access to Warrior only content & Meditations


DAILY Accountablity like you've never seen before!

**This is the HIGHEST level of CARE & ACCOUNTABLIITY in the industry. 

You will have no choice but to BE your word for 4 months**

If I hadn't met Niro and learnt what I have learnt from him. I can say , without a shred of doubt - that I wouldn't be here today


Before meting Niro, I medicated heavly and in a very dark place. I was suicdal to the point of planing how I was going to do it!


I've been to 2 different psychologist, 20+ session - I was sick of talking about it! I was just hungry for the tools to deal with it.

Niro gave me the tools to process & release my trauma & I got off the medication. I am Now in a relationship that serves me & Im working my dream job as an actor & model! I no longer need a 9-5 job anymore! 

I have a new found gratitude for life &  see life as an optimist!


I would recommend EVERYONE to do this program!

Jack Newell - Actor & Model 

Join a Tribe of People That Will Have Your BACK

What's the difference between those who live extraordinary lives and those who suffer through anxiety, depression & boredom.... With a smile on their face?  


Those who achieve greatness & those who live life on their own terms know that they can't do it alone! 


This program is so intimate, so transformative & so supportive that you can't help falling in LOVE with your tribe! A connection with a tribe of like-minded people that last a LIFETIME! 

We have 1 agenda: to completely cover you with love have you love YOURSELF more than you ever have before! 

These are some of the 100s of Warriors that have graduated the training

" At the age of 9 I was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis (NF) & I was told by my community not to tell anyone else I won't get married! This caused me to live with a lot of shame, anxiety and depression... 

Niros Programs changed my life DRASTICALLY... I learnt so Much 

1) There is Power behind my pain - I can use my pain to make a difference in this world. 

2) Pain in life is inevitable but Suffering is optional! & 

3) I learnt how to forgive. Forgive the people that hurt me, but also how to forgive myself for having this genetic disorder (NF)! 

Niro & the Warrior program gave me so much & the biggest thing I've gained was a tribe of amazing humans around me, that encourage me and help me grow!"

Janu DHAYANATHAN - Neurofibromatosis (NF) Ambassador

  • Are there payment plans available?
    Yes, four payments + deposit upon enrollments. Once accepted, you can speak with Niro who will assist you in your investment options.
  • What will the program demand of me?
    This program requires its members to dive deep and move mountains for themselves. This is about how much of yourself you are willing to invest. You get out of the program what you put into it. If you go all in, your life will change drastically, for the better. At the very least thirty minutes to an hour every other day. Remember we're building new neural pathways and habits. By the end you'll be sad that it's over and excited about the future.
  • I dont live in Australia, can I still participate?"
    Yes, our program is designed for people all over the world. We enroll people regardless of location and do our best to accommodate everyone's individual time zones as possible.
  • Why do I need to request an appointment before registering into the program?
    This is NOT a first come first serve training program. We will be carefully selecting each candidate as this program is an intimate & deeply transformative training program. We are looking if you are READY for change, or simply wanting to change and not ready to put in the work. We also are careful to select right people for the right group. So that, we can learn and grow from each others journey.

Make A Decision or Make an Excuse 

Remember, This program is not for everyone BUT, everyone will need to learn whats in this program!  

What I mean here is that this program is NOT for people who 'talk' about change & prefer stay in their discomfort! Its NOT for people who say - ignorance is BLISS!

Some people just need to hit ROCK BOTTOM before they are willing to stop talking about change & start the work... and that's ok! 

This deep transformation program evolves all dimensions of LIFE! Its for people who are willing to do what it takes to evolve their Relationships, Career, Finances, their Deep Wounds, Mental & Emotional Health....


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