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"If you want to go fast go alone, If you want to go far go together" 

- African proverb

Next Course Details - Module 1

Esoteric & Spiritual Coaching   

Date: 13th of May 2017

Time: 9am - 1pm (8.45 registration) 


d’Albora Marina @ Cabarita Park

138 Cabarita Road 

Cabarita 2137

Change Your Game's Coach Training, Mentoring and Supervision programs are about challenging, supporting and empowering Coaches & Leaders to evolve as highly effective and highly functional.

Are you playing with the idea of becoming a coach? Or, are you a coach that wants to expand on your skills, build networks and grow your business? Or, are you simply looking for your next Personal Development program? 

If your desires are any of the above, our Game Changer Program is for you. The purpose of this tribe is to develop your skills & performance as a coach while growing into your authentic self and removing the uncertainty of going it all alone.

Some of the benefits that you can expect from the program include:

  • Mentoring from established coaches

  • Learn the dance between masculine and feminine and use this to coach your clients 

  • Discover your authentic self and deepen your practice of coaching

  • Personal and professional breakthrough strategies

  • Integrate NLP into your coaching

  • Develop your presentation skills 

  • Find your personal coaching niche 

  • Start or grow your coaching business

  • Understanding the selling and marketing strategies of a coach 

Prerequisite: You do not need to come from a NLP or coaching background, but MUST have a desire to make a difference 

Module 1: Esoteric & Spiritual Coaching  

You have unlimited potential for mental, emotional, and spiritual evolution

This is far from another personal development program! This is not a course for the ignorant, it is not for those who are closed to a connection at a deeper level.


This course is designed for the growth seekers, the ones that continuously strive to discover and build on their authentic self. The ones that want to make a change in this world, the ones that know deep down inside that they are LEADERS! 

There are levels of awareness that once understood can awaken your inner guidance. In this program you will discover the ancient spiritual technologies of awakening, not only yourselves but others that also seek it.

This form of coaching is not about setting goals, examining behaviors or habits. It more about accessing pathways to your divine self, discovering the purpose of your soul and connecting a level far deeper than your grandest imagination. 

Once again - this is not a program for those seeking an average existence. This is only for those committed to a collective growth in consciousness. 

Program Outline:

  1. Introduction to Spiritual Coaching

  2. Moving past personal intimacy issues into deeper connection with our truth

  3. Kundalini awakening & values of chakras 

  4. Resolving personal conflicts with self and others

  5. Exploring the inner journey as a healing passageway

  6. Connect with your guides

  7. The KEY to manifestation 

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