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Turn Pain into Power

"Niro led me back to my inner knowing that life is about fun, play, and a childlike curiosity"

Medically speaking, depression is considered as an Illness and therefore generally 'maintained' with medication. 

However, at Change Your Game, we view depression as a signal from your mind/body that there is something off course. Normally, this is due to prolonged stress, anxiety, loneliness or suppression of emotions. Those who go through depression tend to feel numb or empty, that they are unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Our focus is on resolving these prolonged/suppressed emotions and introduces passion and purpose in your life. In my experience, depression and living your passion cannot co-exist.

Depression gives us a sense of numbness, heaviness or helplessness. When depressed, we feel that our inner demons and external circumstances are more than what we can handle, and we
lose ourselves in this. Anxiety is very similar, but we lose our self in the complexity and fear in what may happen in the future. 


Living life passionately is on the other end of the scale, you have a sense of what you want our life and excitement in working towards achieving your purpose. Work does not feel like work, instead, it feels like play and having a sense of contentment and passion in what you do.

Depression or anxiety cannot co-exist with Passion and Purpose. Therefore, by focusing on passion and purpose, we dissolve depression or anxiety as a side effect. Our focus is on addressing the cause, not the symptom. 

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