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Two-Day "in-Person' Vision Mastery Event with Niro Dayalan

A GREAT Life is not by Accident - It's Your Destiny

When You Have Clarity in Your Destination 

Discover Your Purpose, Clarify Your Mission and create your Path forward with Confidence in all

16 Core Areas of Life

17th - 18th of February 2024

Canada Bay Club 

8 William St, Five Dock NSW 2046

Your Life. 

Your Masterpiece.

Imagine you had a life manual, a set of step-by-step instructions that helps you get unstuck, move past procrastination, and remove the stress and anxiety of making life decisions, with confidence!


Can you imagine having a life guide to keep you on track, that helps you become focused in life, with purpose and meaning?

Your Life Plan Written by YOU!

Life MASTERY is A Master Planning and strategy for YOUR LIFE, You'll clearly define what you want in all 16 areas of life and get coaching from Master Coach Niro Dayalan

Develop Your Mental Toughness 

Plan your Empowered Business Obejectives 

Define your inspired Relationship 

Be on Purpose your Finacnial Destiny 

Discover your Purpose and build your Leadership Plan

Get clear on your spiritual Mission 

Never feel lost, stuck or confused in your life path

Get Clairty on WHO you are, WHY you exisist  & WHAT you are here to do! 

Learn strategies in Repairing your intimate realtionship. 

You become the author of the most important story to be told…..the Masterpiece of your LIFE!

Who is this program for? 

This Master Planning life event is for anyone dedicated to mapping out their meaningful Business, relationship,  identity and life! Then, building certainty with strategic action towards the life they envisioned.

To specify further, Vision Mastery is for you if any of the following sounds like you! 

  •  You have a business or a start-up, and you're looking for that next leap

  •  You have a career and a team you love but need a more balanced lifestyle

  • Couples seeking to repair & renew their relationship or singles seeking a life partner. 

  •  You are feeling lost or stuck in life and unable to make important decisions.

  •  You are going through a relationship breakup or breakdown 

  •  You feel like you've lost the zest in life 

  •  You know what you want but don't know how or if you can achieve it. So, you procrastinate. 

  • You get overwhelmed often and suffer from Anxiety and at times - burnout. 

  • You have decided that the next half of your life will be significantly different. 

What You Will Get

Life Mastery is a step-by-step manual on how to shape and create your life that you LOVE waking up to!

A Life filled With more passion, purpose & impact!

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Create crystal-clear clarity in what you want in your life!


Discover the areas in your life that will shape your overall success and happiness


Build Confidence & mental toughness 

A novice reading a book

Discover your life purpose – create you purpose statement that will drive you through all 16 dimension

Image by Ivana Cajina

Breakthrough the feels of stuckness and fears of failures


Take the time to explore all 16 dimensions of your life!

What are the 16 chapters of Life Mastery?

All 16 chapters are summed up into 4 core areas. This Master Planning life event will give you the time and space to reflect and connect deeply to discover what is it you really want!

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Leadership – Your Life Mission

  • Life Vision – clarify What you Love to Be, Do & Have

  • Finances – Forecast Your Financial Freedom Plan

  • Career/business – Your Master Business plan

  • Purpose – what is the great WHY of your life


Health – Energy, Vibration & Frequency

  • Body – nutrition & fitness

  • Emotional – how you feel and how to build resilience

  • Intelligence – how we think and grow

  • Spiritual – you are not a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean!


Relationship – Quantity of Happiness

  • Character – self love

  • Family – parenting & connection to your support network

  • Romantic love – chemistry & partnership

  • Friendship – social connections


Fun & Play – Quality of life

  • Creativity – becoming the creator

  • Adventure – new experiences

  • Growth – follow your curiosity & discover your passions

  • Contribution – act that creates an impact

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