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Leadership Coaching

Imagine the possibilities when leaders are fueled by passions, connected to their emotions and aligned with their purpose. 

It doesn’t matter if you lead a high profile company or simply lead yourself to attain your dreams; a leadership mindset is absolutely essential for your success.


“If you want to go fast, go alone – if you want to go far, go together”

This African proverb is at the heart  our leadership coaching philosophy, when working with individuals and organisations.

In Australia, only 24% of employees are engaged in their employment. This is a significant problem impacting all organisations, employee engagement is critical in fulfilling a company’s vision and in achieving superior institutional performance.


Niro believes "Managers only manage, leaders inspire a movement". A movement can only be achieved through team coherence; and only if leaders bridge the gaps between individual values, those of the team and the vision of the organisation. 

In this context, Niro found that the concept of “modern day tribes” facilitates a deeper understanding of organisational behavior: whilst today’s business people may not require to hunt for their survival any longer; if left to their own devices, it is exactly this ancient instinct in them that can create greed and dishonesty, leading to fragmentation and performance issues. Based on his extensive research, it seemed to Niro that a better understanding of human behavior in conjunction with the creation of modern day tribes would address these issues


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