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Manifesting a New Reality 101

 ONLINE 4-weeks LIVE program starts Wednesday 27th of May, 7 pm (AEDT) (recordings will be available )*

For the achievers, who have done all the 'right' things in life but still feel lost & empty inside...


For those that feel their losing control & the people around them don't quite understand them! 

For those that are sick of the fluffy manifesting content out there & are ready for the structured method that is actionable and makes SENSE!

For those that are ready to create a life aligned to JOY


Learn the secret elements in accelerating your desire, by aligning your mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence together!


Its time to work on what really matters! Not what society expects from you!


Are you a professional that has major ambitions, have all the motivation in the world, start these huge projects and never seem to get to the finish line?...


Have you ever wished that there was a step by step GUIDEBOOK to help you understand what you want in life and actually achieve it?


Do you feel STUCK in emotions of fear or guilt? Preventing you from speaking your truth? 


Have you felt overwhelmed in what you needed to do, or who you needed to become?


Or worse, achieving your goal came at a cost to your mental/physical health, relationships and your finances in the process?


Here is the thing - Goals that are not aligned with your emotional & spiritual intelligence will lead to failure.


Are you ready to move from fantasy into manifesting your new reality?


From the outer work to the inner harmony, ‘The Manifestation Formula’ is an essential guide to learning how to heal your fears, self-doubt, overcome failure & anxiety.

So that, you can ‘own your POWER’ and GET WHAT YOU WANT!

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