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"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom"

                                   - Aristotle

Only 6 seats in total are accepted for this program 


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The Authentic Leader - Online Training 

3-month journey to Leadership 



Start Date: 12th of June 2018

Other Dates: Fortnightly from 12th of June

Time: 7 pm to 9 pm Syd Time (fortnightly) 

Location: Online 

Early Bird Price: $790 (till 28th of May)  

Regular price: $1200


Payment plans are available. 



Contact Niro for registration


Phone: 0450004155











"Leadership is not a title or a destination. It's about impact, influence and inspiration" Robin Sharma 


A Leader -  is a person that challenges the fears of their dreams. They challenge the lies, false beliefs, and judgments in their minds and hearts that create suffering and unhappiness in his or her life.


There is an everlasting battle between one's deepest fears and their inner greatness, that takes place within the minds and hearts of all men and women alike. This battle is actually a call to action. An action, that will lift us to our greatest discovery of strength. 


Some go their entire lives, living an existence of quiet desperation, not knowing that the fear pushing down on their shoulders, will actually, lead them to their greatest heights. Fear is nothing but a precursor to courage... 


Why the Leadership Program Works:


This is not a program only for leaders by title. It is for those that have a burning desire to discover their GREATEST EXPRESSION OF FREEDOM. 

This program is designed to give the participants the resources, tools and the support they need to build; awareness, courage, discipline and commitment to transform their emotional intelligence.


As anxiety symptoms, depression rates and stress levels rise in a society that is always “on”, emotional resilience can be the deciding force between a make or break situation.

There is compelling evidence that people with high levels of Emotional Resilience are more likely to succeed and that a lack of it can derail you: both professionally and personally. High emotional intelligence does not only promise better performance but
also a higher salary.


Imagine for a moment that you were a leader that is emotionally resilient, the ability to overcome any obstacle in your path. Imagine having daily practices that will shape you, to perform at a higher level greater than your wildest imagination. What if, you were able to build rapport instantly with people and have the gift of influence. What would this mean to you?


So, if you’re fed up with broken relationships; if you’re fed up with consistently missing the mark; and if you’re fed up with the lack of passion, fun and laughter in your life, then this program is for you.


What you’ll discover:


  • Know your mission - What do you exactly want? A mission that is not a checklist but a desirable experience.  

  • Explore your internal programming and discover new and exciting ways to reconnect with who you are

  • Become resilient through Emotionally literacy. Learn about your core emotions and unnatural emotions that are crucial to building awareness.

  • Learn new strategies to process your emotions. How to expand the empowering emotions and remove the disempowering. 

  • Build rituals that allow your life to flow towards your desired life

  • Silence your inner critic, stop second-guessing yourself and overcome your fear of failure 

  • Explore how you can leverage others’ internal programming to build stronger relationships and become a stronger leader through authentic influence.


What you will get:


  • Fortnightly online group coaching with all 4 warriors (2 Hours each session)

  • Warrior rituals audio program 

  • Phone access to one of Niro's training Coach

  • Access to a private Facebook group to keep you inspired and driven

  • Meet a group of like-minded warriors

  • 30min intro coaching video call with Niro 

  • Video Recording of all sessions 

  • Weekly Workbook 

  • A team working with you to get you the life you desire. 



This program is not for everyone. This is not a program for the ignorant. This is not for those who don’t seek to understand themselves.


This course is designed for growth seekers: the ones that continuously strive to discover and build on their authentic self. The ones that want to make a change in this world, the ones that know deep down that they are leaders and the ones that are ready for their next step, now!


If this sounds like you, then you cannot afford to miss out on this event. Save your spot today – there are only four available!!





Phone: 0450004155


Do not wait to register - only 6 spots available in total



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