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Power of Rituals


Have you ever asked yourself how you ended up where you currently are? If you’re in a place of joy, or a place of pain, how did you get it so wrong or right? Why are some people ‘lucky’ and others not?

For many years I asked this question, why do some people ‘have it all’ and others had nothing? Being raised in a Hindu household, I was told it was Karma from previous lifetimes! However, now I believe that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I refused to accept that some people were ‘meant to have it all’ while others were not. I now believe that in this universe there are laws that attract whatever vibrations we send out. Whatever we truly believe we deserve, and align our actions towards, is what we will attract – Pleasure or pain

The power of rituals governs these laws. Your Rituals determine if you live in pain or pleasure.

Don’t worry; you won’t be sacrificing any virgins or goats! The rituals I am talking about are regular (preferably daily) practices and behaviours. Are they like habits? – no, not quite!

Habits are actions or behaviours that are repeated unconsciously. Rituals are actions or behaviours that are repeated consciously. Rituals are in alignment with what you desire. The aim of a ritual is to build momentum and alignment towards your desired situation/outcome.

Let me give you an example. For over 17 years I was a heavy smoker. My morning habit was a cigarette and a cup of coffee, and another cigarette every hour after that. As a result, I suffered from many different health issues, weight issues, self-love issues. This undoubtedly led to relationship problems.

When I decided to stop smoking and let go of my self-bashing coding, I used a conscious set of rituals designed to get me an outcome that is healthy and self-loving. I created rituals around training, eating healthy and meditation that I practised on a daily basis. I started off training 1-2 times a week and eating one healthy meal per day. This shortly became second nature to me so I increased the number of workout days and healthy meals.

I also started practising gratitude, which began to change the way I thought and felt about myself – I still practice gratitude today. Rituals become unconscious behaviours. Once it does, you will be in a place to manifest your desires, as long as your rituals are in alignment with your goals.

After reading “The Richest Man in Babylon”, I created a ritual to make money to work to be with me! I started investing 3% of my every pay before expenses. Once I’d adjusted to the new expense allowance, I moved up to invest 5%, then 10%, it is currently at 33%. Now 33% of my income is working for me! As you can imagine this ritual also increased my self-worth beliefs and broke through my negative beliefs about money.

Your ability to grow wealth directly reflects your relationship with self-worth. (This is an entire topic in its self, for another time).

To stop a train that is doing 200Km/h takes a considerable amount of energy and force, due to its momentum. Rituals and habits create energy. Is the train’s energy going towards the destination you desire? If not, you can change it using conscious rituals.

3 things to keep in mind when accessing the power of rituals:

1) Start small and build up (like the examples above). Too many people burn out by doing it all at once. 2) Do it daily - Consistency is key to building and keeps the momentum! 3) Lag time – A cruise ship cannot make an immediate U-turn. Depending on the momentum already in motion it will take time for the new rituals to take control of the ship and create its own momentum. Don’t let a delay deter you! What would happen if you have created a ritual in the areas of Health, Wealth and Happiness? Imagine the momentum you will be creating in your life? How would it look like after months/years of consistency? Imagine the life will you be living? Imagine the wealth you will be manifesting and more importantly who will you be sharing it with. Rituals are power that runs many of the laws of the universe.


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