The Lack Of Chivalry is Destroying Relationships, Teams, Organisations and Governments.

"Chivalry" - does this word have any meaning in the 21st century? Does our new generation know what it means? Do previous generations know the origins of the Chivalry Code?

When I ask people what chivalry is, they often reply with the answer "chivalry is how to treat a woman like a lady; opening doors, picking her up and getting out of the car to greet her, giving her your jacket when it is cold, etc."

What's worse, in today's world of gender equality, chivalry is just a meaningless word. At times, it is frowned upon if displayed. I remember a situation where I opened the door for a lady walking behind me. Instead of a polite head nod or a “thank you”, I received the comment "Chauvinistic pig; do you think I am incapable of opening a door myself?" Instead of being upset at person delivering the comment, I was upset at the death of chivalry in our society.

At the same time, I hear countless complaints that men are no longer